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Update the implementation of BRIO Brio organisation is now fully up and running, and more than 100 research projects are currently active into the 6 integrated research programmes. In addition, major progresses were achieved at the level of the 7 strategic axes defined to structure and support cancer research in Bordeaux. The bioinformatics axis saw the recruitment of 4 bioinformaticians (2 funded by BRIO) and the creation of a transversal bioinformatics axis at the University. For the in-vivo research axis, a project to develop a translational research center is currently being developed (see Bordeaux Cancer section). A new Inserm candidate unit “Cancer Epidemiology and Environmental Exposures” is being proposed to consolidate the health outcome axis. Databases have been the topic of the first inter-SIRIC collaboration and 4 working groups have been defined. The personalised medicine axis is being supported by BRIO-funded technicians and will be further consolidated with a post-doctoral fellow. A new HHS group was formed to support HHS projects in cancer and a call for proposals will be launched in 2015. Finally, the fundamental axis saw the creation of a transversal cancer axis at the University, complementary to BRIO activities and focusing on technologies and fundamental research. In parallel, BRIO also started its communication activities and 14 events were organised or supported in 2014 to facilitate interactions between scientists, develop new partnerships and create a cancer research community in Bordeaux. Cette présentation a été donnée dans le cadre du Scientific BRIO Day 2 organisé annuellement par le SIRIC BRIO et qui a pour but de réunir tous les acteurs du SIRIC BRIO et plus largement de la cancérologie à Bordeaux.  


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