Nutrition and cancer

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Non-pharmaceutical medical innovations and public healthCancer and nutrition are closely related. According to epidemiological studies, western life style is a risk factors for the most frequent cancers and public health intervention aimed to reduce cancer incidence with public education. When cancer is present, malnutrition is frequent mainly due to cancer cachexia. In non-surgical patients prognosis is in great part predicted by MNA (mini-nutritional assessment), a tool closed to PG-SGA used to assess malnutrition adult patients with cancer. However, a large study did not show any effect of nutritional support on one-year mortality in older patients undergoing chemotherapy for solid tumours. Some other ways to control deleterious effect of cancer cachexia are explored with ongoing clinical trials: physical activity, anti-myostatin substances, immuno-modulating factors and short term fasting during chemotherapy.Cette présentation a été donnée dans le cadre du Scientific BRIO Day 2 organisé annuellement par le SIRIC BRIO et qui a pour but de réunir tous les acteurs du SIRIC BRIO et plus largement de la cancérologie à Bordeaux.


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