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Caillou, Every drop counts

Sarah Margaret Johanson

Caillou learns about water conservation at daycare. When he gets home, he looks for ways to save water. Every drop adds up!

Caillou, The magic of compost

Sarah Margaret Johanson

Grandma shows Caillou a great magic trick : turning scraps of leftovers, grass clippings, and apple cores into plant food.

Caillou learns to recycle

Eric Sévigny

The children at Caillou's day care are curious about the new recycling bin.

Caillou, Training wheels

Sarah Margaret Johanson

Caillou is having trouble keeping up with Sarah, so he decides he's ready to try riding his bike without the training wheels. Caillou learns that there is a proper time for everything.

Caillou, Day care

Marcel Depratto

Caillou goes to day care and learns to socialize.

Caillou gets the hiccups

Sarah Margaret Johanson

Caillou just can't get rid of the hiccups. Daddy, the all-time hiccup cure champion, is there to help.

Caillou, The Prince

Joceline Sanschagrin

Caillou wants to marry his mother. To help him understand why this is impossible, Daddy tells Caillou a story.

Caillou, my day care friends

Sarah Margaret Johanson

Caillou makes new friends on his first day at day care.

Caillou, my first play

Eric Sévigny

There's a special event at Caillou's day care. Leo, Clementine and Caillou are getting ready to be in a play.

Caillou makes a snowman

Roger Harvey

Caillou makes his first snowman with the help of his friend, Sarah.

Caillou learns to skate

Marion Johnson

Caillou is learning to skate. With a lot of tumbles, the help of a chair, and loads of encouragement from Mommy and Daddy, Caillou begins to get the hang of it.

Caillou, Happy easter

Mélanie Rudel-Tessier

To celebrate Easter, Caillou and his family are staying with Uncle Felix at his farm. Caillou and his cousins have an Easter egg hunt !