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Auteur : Damien DESSIS
Durée : 13min. Anglais
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BRIO management team was voluntarily built upon various competencies from different horizons (industry, charity…) to provide a broad skillset which aims at supporting the Bordeaux cancer research community. In this section, BRIO highlights the core support the team can bring to scientists. First, in an era of decreasing and competitive public funds, we look into other funding sources, such as European funds where BRIO and the University can assist in finding and applying to the right call for proposals. Considering the current trends of pharma R&D externalisation, a favorable environment exists to partner with the industry to develop new drugs or fund fundamental research related to marketed drugs or under development. BRIO can assist scientists with the industry interactions to build win-win partnerships. Finally, there are more than 300 scientists interested in cancer research in Bordeaux, all coming from various research disciplines but with limited interactions or knowledge of their peers. BRIO aims at providing solutions to facilitate interactions between scientists, develop new partnerships, improve translational research and build a strong and visible cancer research community.
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