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Button nose, the sad little bear

Gina Lo Biondo

Little Girl had a special bear, Button Nose. She brought him everywhere. She loved him so very much. She was sure he had feelings, too. The two were inseparable. But one day her mom decided she was too old to play with her bear and sold him in a yard sale. Another little girl owned Button Nose now but she didn’t love him. He ended up neglected in a toy chest. Then he was sold again to a toy collector named George and put in display in a cabinet. Button Nose missed Little Girl so much. Would she ever come?

Marie from Paris

Isabelle Pellegrini

Marie de Paris is a French girl who takes us on a tour of her city and introduces us to her little world in a playful and original way: her house, her family, her friends, her school, the boat-flies, Montmartre, the garden of Luxembourg...

Hello, I am Charlie ! from London

Stéphane Husar

Dans Hello, I am Charlie from London, partez à la découverte de Londres avec Charlie, un petit Anglais de huit ans. Rencontrez sa famille et ses amis, visitez son école et sa ville avec Big Ben, les autobus à impériale, Buckingham Palace…

Hello, I am Max ! from Sydney

Stéphane Husar

In Hello, I'm Max from Sydney, a seven-year-old Australian boy takes us on a tour of Sydney. You will meet his family and friends, visit his school and his city: the Opera House, Sydney Bay, the beaches and the bush.

Hello, I am Lily ! from New York City

Mylène Rigaudie

In Hello, I am Lily from New York City, discover New York with Lily, an eight-year-old American girl. Meet her family and friends, visit her school and her city: the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and the Museum of Modern Art.

Hello, I am Fiona ! from Scotland

Mark Sofilas

In Hello, I am Fiona from Scotland, discover Edinburgh and Scotland with Fiona, an eight-year-old Scottish girl. Meet his family and friends, visit his school and his city: Scottish music and dance, the Highlands Games and Nessie, the lovable monster of Loch Ness ...

Hungry Bear

Stéphane Husar

Un pique-nique en famille ça se prépare ! Bébé ours est très gourmand et veille sur le panier. Quand vient l’heure du départ, l’aventure peut commencer… A family picnic is getting ready ! Baby bear is very greedy and watch over the basket. When it's time to leave, the adventure can begin ...

Mon papa est devenu ange

Camille Nicolle

Théophile était heureux mais il lui faut maintenant se remettre d'un événement qui bouleverse tout : la vie, désormais, ce sera sans papa... Théophile was happy but he must now come to terms with a change that has upset everything: from now on, he will have to live without his dad...

Anne dans la ville - Anne in the city

Claudine Furlano

Anne passe le week-end à Lille, chez sa mamie. Au programme : promenade au musée puis récréation au parc. Mais Lille est une grande ville et Anne n’a pas l’habitude. Une intense circulation, une foule grouillante, des ingrédients suffisants pour qu’une petite fille s’y perde. mais où est passée Mamie ?

Caillou, Training wheels

Sarah Margaret Johanson

Caillou is having trouble keeping up with Sarah, so he decides he's ready to try riding his bike without the training wheels. Caillou learns that there is a proper time for everything.

Caillou gets the hiccups

Sarah Margaret Johanson

Caillou just can't get rid of the hiccups. Daddy, the all-time hiccup cure champion, is there to help.

Caillou learns to skate

Marion Johnson

Caillou is learning to skate. With a lot of tumbles, the help of a chair, and loads of encouragement from Mommy and Daddy, Caillou begins to get the hang of it.