Documents pour «Daddy»

Mon papa est devenu ange

Camille Nicolle

Théophile était heureux mais il lui faut maintenant se remettre d'un événement qui bouleverse tout : la vie, désormais, ce sera sans papa... Théophile was happy but he must now come to terms with a change that has upset everything: from now on, he will have to live without his dad...

Caillou, Training wheels

Sarah Margaret Johanson

Caillou is having trouble keeping up with Sarah, so he decides he's ready to try riding his bike without the training wheels. Caillou learns that there is a proper time for everything.

Caillou, The Prince

Joceline Sanschagrin

Caillou wants to marry his mother. To help him understand why this is impossible, Daddy tells Caillou a story.

Caillou, Just like Daddy

Christine L’Heureux

Caillou wants to be just like Daddy and grow up to be a daddy too !

I'm a Big Girl

Lea Wells

A little girl came into the world and captured her daddy’s heart. She held it there in her gentle hands right from the very start.

I Love My Hair

Anne Matheson

Every life is special and full of things to love. Some people might think Emily’s life is ordinary. They might think her hair is ordinary...or too curly...or frizzy... not Emily...